Boost your happiness with these songs

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  1. The funny or wierd thing is I had a dream lastnight when one of friends gave me CD with a playlist to listen to. It felt so wierd considering CD are outdated but I was happy someone gave it to me as a gift. Maybe it was you.

    Thank you my new friend

    1. aww that is so touching Tina!! I am happy to hear this – and maybe it WAS me! So crazy how the universe works, eh!?

      Thank YOU, my new friend xox!

  2. This was a fun post to read! It may take me awhile, but I’m going to try to listen to the songs from here that I haven’t heard before. But the best was seeing some great songs on this list that I had forgotten about! Thanks for sharing and uplifting your readers’ moods!

    1. Yay!! Thank you so much, Mark! I appreciate you taking the time to listen to these songs! Excited for you to try them out – would love to hear some of your suggestions too!
      Very thankful!!

  3. This is my favorite post ALL WEEK !!!!I have a 3 hour drive one way to work and this is what I do .. vibe off music, reflect, and think very deeply. I have not heard of most of this stuff but I am DEFINITELY going to check them out and add to my playlist rotation. I need some new stuff for REAL !! THANK YOU for this post !!

    1. oh my GOSH – you are too too sweet, and I’m really happy we connected!
      THANK YOU so much – I’m excited for you to try some of these out! Nothing is better than to vibe peacefully to some amazing music! Thanks for reading, Nancy!!

  4. I was raised in a musician’s home, I love all genres and this list is something I can definitely get with. Some of these I haven’t heard of, but I plan on binging this weekend. This was a great article. ?

    1. Oh wow – that would have been so wonderful! That makes me so happy – I am so excited for you to try some of these out!! Thank you so much xx

    1. YAAAY – YES Sam! I completely agree. Nothing is better than some throwbacks! Makes me so happy every single time!

  5. Fun and light article to make us feel good and experience new songs (for me anyways). Thanks again for sharing Pam!! You are amazing ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Oh my gosh – I feel like you would love these songs too! You and I have such similar tastes! Excited for you to try them out!

      YOU’RE amazing <3 <3 <3 Love you!!!

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