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  1. I love using affirmations to help remove those feelings of self doubts and change our way of thinking.

    1. Affirmations are so so great, and I completely agree ! It’s so cool to see your mindset shift after you use them for periods of time! Thanks so much, Leeandra !

  2. Great post Pam! It’s so true that fear holds us back in life. It’s hard to overcome but once you do, it is a lot easier reaching your goals. Thanks for sharing. ?

  3. I fight with being a perfectionist. It’s not always a good thing cos you are constantly trying to improve (eg: an art piece/diy to sell) that is already not too bad. I ponder over it so much that I end up not using that art to sell cos I feel it ain’t good enough. That too after wasting so much time and thoughts into it! Its a serious problem.

    1. Oh, don’t I understand that. It’s such a paradox – isn’t it? I want it to be perfect but in return it keeps me from doing the very thing I want to do the most! It’s not fair! I gotcha girl, and I hope some of these tips you can try and activate to try and shift those thoughts and make a difference ! I know you’ve got this.

  4. Hey Pam, I am working on my personal growth and this post is so insightful! I love it and the layout of your blog is amazing! Great job I will continue reading your other articles 🙂

    1. sabrina that is so awesome! I absolutely love personal growth as well so that means a lot to me! And YAY, wow thank you! I really really appreciate that – I just underwent a huge blog layout change so that’s wonderful to hear! Thank you SO much!

  5. You know me from twitter Pam and that I am not a millenial (i’m a boomer don’t tell anyone). If I had you as friend back in the 70’s I might not have had to make so many U turns in my life. For a young lady you have your head screwed on right and I applaud your wish to help others avoid costly mistakes both personal and professional. reading through her is like a walk in Wonderland. I’ll be peeking in from time to time. Take care and keep on being you.

    1. Wow, Wendy, what sweet sweet words you shared with me today. I am so very touched and I feel so very lucky to have gotten into contact with you. Thank you SO much for reaching out to me and reading my work today. You have such a beautiful heart – beautiful soul – and I am forever thankful.
      Keep in touch! You keep being you, too!

  6. I love your idea for writing down goals! I am a toddler teacher and aspiring Life Skills Support teacher and have all of my career goals written down on a list. I have all of the job positions I want to pursue, places I want to work at, and credentials I want to receive on the list. This definitely makes more excited and work even harder towards pursuing my dreams. I look into information about these goals too through research and write down the details, which has helped my motivation to pursue my career path goals.

    1. YES, Emily ! That’s such a great system and I stand by doing that too ! So wonderful ! Thank you so much for sharing!

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