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  1. This is a great post, love your tips for dealing with negativity. We can’t control how other people think but we can control how we react to it.

    1. I appreciate that so so much, Leeandra! Thank you x You’re SO right – what a lovely way to phrase that. “We control how we react to it” – too true.

    1. Thank YOU so much, Calie, for reading today <3 You are so right - sometimes it can be a lot to handle, so walking away can be so rewarding mentally.

    1. “Out of sight – out of mind!” Glorious tip, Anika ! Very underrated how powerful that system can be! Thank you so much for sharing with me x

  2. I can’t stop myself from nodding continuously reading this page. I agree with your points, we can never change someone’s opinion, therefore we shouldn’t waste our time and continue scrolling where more positive people would appear.

    Other than that, amazingly written. *Thumbs Up*

    1. Owen, that is such a touching response. Thank you SO much. I honestly really respect that a lot. I totally agree with you – why waste on time trying to change people that do not want to be changed?

      Thank you again!

  3. I loved this post.
    Social media as a whole has so many positives and negatives and I think sometimes the negatives tend to be louder than the positives but it’s all about learning to block it out, find the good and hold onto it. I often take a few days every month to completely disengage and just remind myself of what really matters to me !
    Such great tips and so well written ?

    1. You are so right, Nons. I agree 100%. The negative can be so so loud, but it’s all about focusing in on how much positivity there really is out there. I love that you take a few days to just step out of it all and I think that it’s really important to turn it off, sometimes!
      Thank you SO much for those kind words!

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