Social media detox - reading to further education

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  1. I have tried a social media detox. Started it last year and at first I was unsure, weighed down with the fear of missing out. But I figured if it was really important, the news would find its way to me. It worked wonders for my mental health. Now I do it every so often when I feel I’m losing my grip on my identity. I readily recommend to anyone. I liked your insight into some of the things you can do when away from social media.

    1. FOMO is definitely a hard thing to overcome while practicing a social media detox. I definitely understand! I love that way of thinking you had though! “If it was really important – it will find it’s way to me”. GENIUS.
      Thank you so much – I am very appreciative of those kind words!

  2. I think especially as bloggers we can become addicted to social media. I get stressed that if I’m not constantly posting, promoting, and engaging, I will lose my place in the algorithm and my blog traffic will go way down. But that’s not totally true! Taking some time away might help me come back with a clear head. Thanks so much for sharing, Pam. Great post!

    1. Julianne, I totally agree! As a blogger, it’s so easy to get lost in the thought of not having enough time to get to everything, and needing to be on EVERY single platform all at once, promoting and networking. It becomes overwhelming at times!
      Great insight you have. When feeling run down – take some time to rejuvenate your brain and you could come back feeling better than before and crush it!

      Thank you so much, Julianne!!

  3. Great tips, Pam! Social media can be a lovely place, but it can be very damaging to your mental health if you’re not careful! These are great things to keep in mind when feeling overwhelmed with the socials <3

    1. Agreed, Amelia! It’s easy to get lost in all the hustle and bustle! Thank you so much – that makes me very happy!

  4. I love watching tutorial videos and taking online courses, or learning something new from podcasts when I need to get away from social media. It’s strange how the Internet is also the source of our social media detox. Thanks for sharing this list!

    On a side note, your site is beautiful and I do not think it is THAT slow at all!

    1. OU, I like that! I never thought about it. You can DEFINITELY detox from ‘social media’ yet still be online. You’re right, the internet is still a really great source which can give us information, music, movies and tv shows, ideas for self-care and so much more!

      PS wow, that truly means A LOT to me! Thank you so so much!

  5. That’s exactly what most of us need 😉 I usually do a social media detox once a month it helped me a lot!
    I also love Ted talks, journaling ad gratitude 🙂 we’ve some common habits

    Thanks for sharing

    1. YES! I love that idea of scheduling a detox monthly. I think that is so smart! We have a lot in common! Thank YOU so much for reading and commenting, today!

  6. I needed to read this today! I’ve been getting so overwhelmed with comparing myself to those on social media, due to blogging and trying to do my own promotion. Thank you for grounding me today!

    1. Yes, Brittany! I can relate to this so so much. Social Media is all about comparison and feeling like you should be somewhere or look a certain way or this or that. It’s so overwhelming! It helps so much to just turn it all off sometimes and reconnect to WHO I am and WHO I wish to be! I am so glad I got to provide you with some comfort today. That means a lot to me.

  7. I have thought about doing something just like this so thank you for calling and pointing it out!

    Good to know some other people think like this.

    1. I’m excited for you to try it out, Tim! It’s truly a very useful tactic! I’m happy you find it helpful!!

    1. Thank you so much, Olivia! I agree! I need to schedule some ‘me’ time, often!! Thank you so much for reading! I’m so happy you enjoyed! x

  8. I have never tried a social media detox, but love the idea of it. I held out on getting a smartphone until 2015 because I knew I’d spend more time than I should on it, and sure enough, I was right. Currently, most of my social media time is spent promoting my blog. I am currently writing a novel, and blogging slightly less would allow more time to concentrate on that. There is a certain amount of stress that’s induced by striving for blog deadlines and then feeling compelled to constantly promote them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Can’t wait until we get to the point where we don’t need to promote so much. Thanks for sharing Pam.

    1. I’m excited for you to try it! and wow, I am right with you, Josh! That constant feeling of promoting your blog – on every single platform – at all times. It can definitely get addicting and overwhelming! Hang in there Josh! I know it will all pay off very soon and definitely take those much needed breaks! They’ll reward you! Thanks so much for reading!!

  9. Great post. I’ve tried in the past and it has always been great. Sometimes you just need to. I can definitely use some “me” time.

    1. you’re very right! Sometimes a good chunk of ‘me’ time is all our mental health needs! Thanks so much for reaching out today, Kim!!

  10. I LOVED this. I read about the benefits of a social media detox recently and I decided that next month I am going to take each Saturday off social media completely. I even found a cool little app that blocks Insta and Facebook so I can’t have a sneaky peak! Loved the tips to do to improve your life in the downtime, so I don’t spend it in front of the TV. Thank you! Dharma x

    1. That’s SO awesome, Dharama! I absolutely love that! Scheduling it definitely goes a very long way! It’s like a little reward at the end of the month!
      Thank you so much, I appreciate it a lot!

  11. Every time I do a social media detox it is apparent how awful it is on my mind and spirit. Although I can share powerful content to mamas, it is also draining consuming all the toxicity and junk. Thank you for these simple steps!

    1. I hear ya, Adriane! Sometimes we don’t realize just how much toxicity we are taking in! I’m happy you practice social media detoxing! Thank you so much for sharing with me!!

  12. I loved this Pam ! I did a post recently on Social Media detoxes and I agree wholeheartedly to this. It’s so important to unplug often and find time to get in touch with reality. I love doing self care days on days when I do my social media detoxes !

    1. Thank you SO much Nons! Oh wow, I would absolutely love to read your post!! I am sure it’s lovely! What a lovely reminder! You are so right , it’s so important! Thank you so so much x

  13. I love this post, a little over a year ago I took a 6-month break from social media and wow I can not even begin to tell you how much that changed me and my productivity too! Now I use social media for business but I try my best to get it done and remember to stay focused on the here and now. You make so many good points in this post that are surely going to help a lot of people. Thank you for your insights!

    1. I honestly, absolutely LOVE that! I feel like that must’ve been so liberating and you must’ve learned so so much about yourself! I highly encourage anyone to take a break from it all just to check back in with themselves. I did it for a couple months (during quarantine) and it impacted me so much! I can only imagine how much it probably impacted you positively in 6 months!! Wonderful! Thank YOU so much!

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